What we do

Our Services

Manali Beauty Care is known to manufacture and export cosmetics products for over a period of four decades. With the blend of advanced manufacturing techniques and innovation, we provide facilities for:

  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Private Labelling
  • Job Work

Contract manufacturing

You design, we multiply

Manali beauty care is known in contract manufacturing of personal cosmetics products for over a long period now. Customers come to us with an exact vision of their product or an existing product line including formulations. Others may need some guidance to create a completely custom solution. In every case, we manufacture products according to your vision.

Private Labelling

Our long experience has helped us achieve expertise in Private Label Manufacturing We can serve you with following services in this regard:

  • Formulation:
    We have proven stock formulas for the various products and, if required, any suggestion to customize to our stock formulas or your own formula are most welcomed.
  • Branding:
    In case you wish to establish your own brand, our brand consultants offer you personalized and creative branding strategies which will increase your sales opportunities. Consultant can be helpful in matter of brand naming process, logo designing etc
  • Manufacturing & Filing:
    We have FDA approved production unit, high tech machinery set up, strict quality controls and proven production processes ensures the Quality, Efficacy & Hygiene for your products
  • Packaging Selection & Labelling:
    We have wide range of attractive packing options to choose from which include bottles, jars, cylinders, drum, tubes, pouches, sachets and cartons of every possible shape and size.

Job Work

Job work is the processing or working on goods supplied by another person/entity to complete a part or whole of the process. Job work can be undertaken for the initial process, intermediate process, assembly, packing or any other completion process or complete manufacturing.

For any person who wants to get his product manufactured but does not have or falls short of manufacturing facilities or licenses, then we can help such customers by providing manufacturing facilities. Kindly contact for more information.